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An Opening of the Heart
Heart Meditation: Change Your Heart Rhythm and Change Your Life
Energy Awareness & Cultivation
Heart Meditation: A Tonic for Burnout
Entering the Zone: A Body/Mind/Spirit Approach to the Mastery of Golf

An Opening of the Heart

This workshop is designed to help individuals shift the center of their consciousness from the mind to the heart. Our minds have been programmed throughout the course of our lives by our parents, teachers, society, culture, and religions to perform and belief in certain ways, infusing the truth with belief systems that may or may not be true. The heart, however, contains a wisdom that was “programmed at the factory.” This innate wisdom can be accessed through the quieting of the mind and the opening of the heart. The opening of the heart helps to reveal a deep love that is unconditional in its nature. The purity of this love has the potential to not only heal ones self but also to heal others. As the spiritual heart opens, it entrains the rhythm of the physical heart to a coherent state that affects every organ and gland in the body. One’s entire physiology can be transformed to a state of being that promotes relaxation and optimal health.

Using lecture, guided meditation, and hands-on healing, participants will have an opportunity to explore the divine gifts within their hearts. This four week class is designed to explore the soul of the heart and its divine qualities. The work is based on the mystical teaching of the Sufis. This class is useful for personal and spiritual growth as well as the transformation of interpersonal relationships.

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Heart Meditation:
Change Your Heart Rhythm - Change Your Life

This course is designed to empower individuals to improve their health by transforming their reaction to stressful situations. Participants will learn how to recognize the body/ mind reaction to stress and how to return to a peaceful state of being. The transformation occurs from changing the heart’s rhythm from chaos to coherence. This is achieved through the practice of heart meditation.

Heart meditation can:

• change one’s physiology from fight or flight to the relaxation response
• reduce the chaos from stressful living
• place one’s heart into a loving coherent state
• positively affect every organ and gland in your body
• produce a visible difference using biofeedback
• transform personal and professional relationships


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Energy Awareness & Cultivation:
for Soul Purpose of Catching the Divine Hint

This class is designed for anyone interested in transcending physical reality and attaining higher awareness of the human energy field. The chakra system and its relationship to health and disease will be explored in depth.

Participants will learn to:

• ground energy
• cultivate unlimited energy
• self-diagnose their own chakra system
• Enhance clairvoyance, clairaudience, & clairsentience

These techniques are useful to promote:

• improved health
• emotional balance and well -being
• higher states of consciousness

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Heart Meditation: A Tonic for Burnout

Those of us that help others often find ourselves depleted, tired, and "burned out". How do we find the energy to continue and return to the place of fulfillment from our work? Many have come to the service professions answering a call from the heart. So it should come as no surprise that the tonic to burn out is also found in the heart.

In this workshop, you will learn tried and true meditation techniques that can help you to nurture your body, mind, and spirit.

• Learn how to experience peace in the midst of chaos
• Discover an ancient heart meditation that transforms your state of being
• Actually see the heart rhythm changes using biofeedback
• Uncover mystical qualities hidden with the heart to be shared with others
• Tap into an unconditional love that is infinite in its nature
• Integrate these sacred gifts with integrity into your work

This workshop is designed for those that care for others: nurses, physical therapists, hospice workers, massage therapists, counselors, and therapists. It is experiential in nature and through lecture and guided meditations, you will learn how to cultivate the qualities of the heart and share them with others. Both you and those you care for will benefit from tapping the secret and sacred qualities of the heart.

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Entering the Zone: A Body - Mind - Spirit Approach
to the Mastery of Golf

Blending ancient wisdom and cutting edge technology

What if you could re-create those magical moments when all of your skill sets fall into place?

• Discover a technique used by PGA and LPGA professionals
• Integrate your body/mind/spirit for improved performance
• Learn to quiet your mind and emotions from self-sabotage

This program is designed to elevate your game to a new level by integrating a body, mind, spirit approach. The benefits of massage therapy and structural therapy as they apply to golf will be explored. Participants will also learn how to quiet the mind and the emotions using a technique developed by Heartmath, as seen in the July 2004 Golf Digest. This altered state of being enhances focus, coordination, and rhythm while encouraging the golfer to enter the zone. This workshop is experiential in nature and has the potential to improve your health as well as your game.

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Please feel free to call Carla at 847.367.8842 or send an email with any questions.


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