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Heart Meditation
The Practice of Sufi Remembrance

Sufi Remembrance is a sacred meditation of the heart that repeats the holy name of God. The practice is from the mystical tradition of Islam and therefore uses the name of Allah, which means the One. But know that any soul can call to God by invoking His Name as he knows it.

You are encouraged to go within your heart and find the name that resonates with Love and Light within you. You may discover that many names for God have the “ahh” sound as that is the sound that opens the heart.

Please know than any uncertainty about which name to use will resolve in time and that the sincerity of your heart will guide you to the truth.

Create A Sacred Place
You may wish to create a special place in your home where you can be quiet and undisturbed. You may prefer to sit in a location surrounded by nature. Any place of your choosing can become a sacred place.

Sit Comfortably
The optimal position is sitting on the edge of your seat with your back straight and your feet placed on the floor. This allows proper energy flow and encourages you to stay present. After getting comfortable with the instructions, you will want to close your eyes.

Begin the Meditation
Place your attention on the breath. Begin to breathe so that your breath is rhythmic. This means that your in-breath is equal to your out-breath with no pause at the top or the bottom.

Pretend that you can rhythmically breathe in and out through your heart center, the region of your heart and lungs. This may seem odd at first but your “pretense” will actually encourage an energetic flow through your heart.

When you feel ready, begin to repeat the Holy name of God within your heart. Try not to be saying the name in your head. But rather repeat the Name in your heart and let the sound of the Name reverberate through your heart center.

Beginners may want to repeat the Name for at least fifteen minutes. If your mind should wander off, gently bring it back to the Name. Try not to be critical of your wanderings. This is natural. What is important is the return to the Name.

Complete the Meditation
When your time is complete, please notice the feeling in your heart. You may want to offer a prayer of gratitude for all that is given. Try to stay heart centered as you open your eyes and return to your activities.

As you advance in this practice, you may choose to sit for as long as an hour. It is recommended that you choose a teacher for guidance as you move deeper on this path. And know that sitting in meditation is only the beginning. The intention is to encourage the heart to be in perpetual remembrance of the One.

Please feel free to call Carla at 847.367.8842 or send an email with any questions.


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