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Heart Meditation As the Key to Harmony


Whether coming together as a group or a family, there is always the possibility of emotional discord. It is very common to close one’s heart as a method of protection and self-defense. This usually results in feelings of separation and makes it very difficult to connect in a healthy way.

It is useful to learn how to come out of defense and also how to treat others when they are in defense. Heart Meditation teaches this type of awareness and cultivates compassion for self and others.

"Seize the moments of happiness, love and be loved!
That is the only reality in the world, all else is folly."
- Leo Tolstoy


• Families
• Small groups
• Clubs
• Associations


Groups of all kinds can experience conflict, discord, and varying degrees of anger and hostility. There is a simple solution to assist members to return to a calm and peaceful state. As members learn to shift from their minds to their hearts through Heart Meditation; peace, harmony and cooperation can often be the result.


• Reduces stress of each member of family or group
• Encourages a shift from the mind to the heart
• Uncovers the place of unity
• Increases harmony and cooperation
• Provides tools for healthy conflict resolution

Please feel free to call Carla at 847.367.8842 or send an email with any questions.

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Transforming stress through cutting-edge technology & the wisdom of the heart