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Corporate Wellness

Wellness for
Health Professionals

Addressing Test Anxiety
in Students

Stress Reduction for
Groups & Families


wellness for health professionals


Those of us that help others often find ourselves depleted, tired, and "burned out". How do we find the energy to continue and return to the place of fulfillment in our work? Many have come to the service professions answering a call from the heart. So it should come as no surprise that the tonic for burnout can also be found in the heart. Rather than giving solely from one’s self, participants will learn to tap a source of unlimited love and compassion.

"We can only be said to be alive in those moments when
our hearts are conscious of our treasures."

-Thornton Wilder


• Massage Therapists
• Nurses (RN/LPN)
• Occupational Therapists & COTAs
• Physical Therapists and PTAs
• Rehabilitation Therapists
• Hospice Workers
• Social Workers
• Geriatric Caregivers


• To improve the physical and emotional health of caretakers
• To enhance feelings of well-being and job satisfaction
• To encourage team building and cooperation


• Learn how to experience peace in the midst of chaos
• Discover an ancient heart meditation that transforms your state of being
• Actually see the heart rhythm changes using biofeedback
• Uncover mystical qualities hidden with the heart to be shared with others
• Tap into an unconditional love that is infinite in its nature
• Learn to share these qualities nonverbally
• Integrate these sacred gifts with integrity into your work

Please feel free to call Carla at 847.367.8842 or send an email with any questions.

healing hands
Transforming stress through cutting-edge technology & the wisdom of the heart