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Heart Meditation: The Key to Entering the Zone

Heart Meditation can train the golfer to change his state of being at will.
A poor shot can cause anger and frustration that can have a
negative effect for subsequent shots. The behavior or mood of
other golfers in the foursome may have a negative effect.
Personal or professional stress may cause distraction to a golfer’s focus.
It is essential for the golfer to be able to return to a state of calm
focus at will. That is just one of the benefits of Heart Meditation.

According to the Institute of Heartmath®, this technique:
.• Prepares a golfer for activities that require
concentration and motor coordination
• Maximizes emotional calm, concentration and
mental focus during competition
• Moves a golfer into the “Zone”
for on-demand “personal best” performance

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Entering the Zone: Blending ancient wisdom & cutting-edge technology

the heart of golf