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Addressing Test Anxiety
in Students

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addressing test anxety for students


This is a cutting-edge one-on-one program for students of all ages. Using heart biofeedback clearly seen on a computer screen, students learn to shift from a state of anxiety to calm focus at will. They are empowered by the “aha” moment when they realize they can change their state-of-being at will.

"The heart is the chief feature of a functioning mind."
– Frank Lloyd Wright


• Junior High Students
• High School Students
• College Students
• Med Student
• Law Students
• Public Speakers
• Performers


Whether stress is from a personal or academic source, it has the capacity to alter the workings of the brain. According to Heartmath: “The cumulative emotional stress from family issues, peer pressure, overwhelm and boredom increases the blocks and resistance to learning and test-taking.”

Performance anxiety of all kinds can initiate a chemical cascade that interrupts optimal brain performance and specifically focus and memory. Bringing the heart back to a state of coherence through heart biofeedback helps students perform, feel empowered and cultivates self-esteem.


• Improved focus and concentration
• Improved performance on tests
• Enhanced self-esteem
• Improved relationships

Please feel free to call Carla at 847.367.8842 or send an email with any questions.

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Transforming stress through cutting-edge technology & the wisdom of the heart